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Long Island - Home Inspection  
Serving All Of Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, & New York City.

For  first-time  and repeat home buyers, who want to understand the true condition of their prospective home, The Home Inspection Pro has the knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to help you make an informed purchasing decision.  Compared to our competition we spend twice the time inspecting the home, and provide exceptionally complete and  clearly written reports.   We promise extraordinary customer service, inspecting each home as if it is the most important home we will ever inspect, . . . because it is.

We provide you with an education about your future home as we investigate the qualities of the building and grounds.  We ask you to work alongside the inspector, to ask many questions, to learn what is needed to make this a safe and well-maintained home.  By the end of the inspection we will have answered all your questions and concerns.

Our inspector will fully explain the conditions found.  We spend the time to discuss the significance of what we see.  We note areas that are better than expected, functional, aged, or in need of upgrading, repair or replacement.  Photographs are taken of the significant features to clarify and document their condition.

Please review the following website pages to learn more about our inspection services.  Thank you for considering our company.  I look forward to working with you to discover the important qualities of your property.
   Bob Silverman
     Robert G. Silverman,
     The Home Inspection Pro, 

Long Island Home Inspection Professional "Home inspections require professionals who are well informed, well trained, and good listeners.  I provide home inspections of the highest caliber.  I'm Bob Silverman, 'The Home Inspection Pro.'  Call me today to set up your professional home inspection."

"Mr. Silverman was very professional.  He didn't miss out on a thing!  He was amazing!  I did not expect such a thorough job.  The best ever!  I already recommended your service to others."
        T.S. Miller

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